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 Perceptual Science Laboratory  
The Perceptual Science Laboratory is engaged in a variety of experimental and theoretical inquiries in perception and cognition. A major research area concerns speech perception by ear and eye and facial animation.

 Intelligent Systems Group - University of Calgary  
The Intelligent Systems Group at The University of Calgary is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in distributed intelligent systems and related technologies.

 Department of Computer Science - Iowa State University  
The Department of Computer Science has strong research programs in several areas of Computer Science including: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Computational Complexity, Databases, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Programming Languages, Multimedia Systems, Networks, Robotics, Software Systems, Software Engineering, and Theory of Computation.

 Artificial Intelligence - Duke University  
Current research activity includes automated reasoning, deductive databases, dialogue systems, natural language understanding, planning, reinforcement learning and robotics. We welcome research interests in all areas, in particular those associated with robotics, learning theory, or numerical/statistical approaches to AI.

 Agent Based Engineering Group - Stanford University's Center for Design Research  
This group strives to bring a practical, application oriented approach to agent technology, in addition to making theoretical in-roads into this field.

 Knowledge Systems Laboratory - Stanford University  
The Knowledge Systems Lab conducts research in the core Artificial Intelligence areas of knowledge representation and reasoning, within the Department of Computer Science.

 DAI-Hards - University of Tulsa  
The research focus of the DAI-Hards group at the University of Tulsa includes the following areas: multiagent systems, intelligent agents, evolutionary computation, machine learning.

 MaineSAIL - University of Maine  
MaineSAIL, the Maine Software Agent and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, is comprised of two interrelated research groups, one focusing primarily on software agents and multiagent systems of software agents, and the other focusing on cooperative distributed problem solving in the context of multiagent systems where the agents are physical systems.

 Software Agents Group - University of Carnegie Mellon  
The Software Agents Group at Carnegie Mellon University is building complex systems of interacting, semi-autonomous, and heterogeneous entities called software agents. These multi-agent systems are solving problems that are beyond the individual capacities or knowledge of each problem solver.

 Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems - Universoty of Texas  
The Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems (LIPS) is conducting research in two focus areas currently receiving critical attention: formal system engineering process methodologies and distributed agent-based systems.

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