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JATLite (Java Agent Template, Lite) is a package of programs written in the Java language that allow users to quickly create new software "agents" that communicate robustly over the Internet. JATLite also provides a basic infrastructure in which agents register with an Agent Message Router (AMR) using a name and password, connect/disconnect from the Internet, send and receive messages, etc.

 Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval - University of Massachusetts  
The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR) continues to support the emerging information infrastructure for the next century, both through research and technology transfer. The goal of the CIIR is to develop tools that provide effective and efficient access to large, heterogeneous, distributed, text and multimedia databases.

 Expectation-Driven Event Monitoring - University of California, Irvine  
UCI's Expectation-Driven Event Monitoring (EDEM) provides developers with a platform for creating software agents that are deployed over the Internet to collect application usage data to help developers improve the fit between application design and use.

 Multi-Agent Systems Research Group - Université de Laval  
The overall goal of this research is to design autonomous agents that can balance their selfish needs with their social commitments.The group is involved in building systems of coordinated agents that interact intelligently with each other and their environment while pursuing individual or global goal(s).

 Multimedia Information and Mobile Agent Research Lab - University of Ottawa  
Currently the Multimedia and Mobile Agent Laboratory is exploring a vision of multimedia and mobile software agent technology that combines many aspects of telecomm. and info. processing. This vision aims to find solutions to challenges in the area of multimedia and mobile software agent technologies.

 Intelligent Agents Group - University of Ottawa  
Dr. Ahmed Karmouch's team is exploring a vision of multimedia and mobile software agent technologies that combines many aspects of telecommunications and information processing to answer challenges in the area of software agent architecture, intelligent information retrieval, user and terminal mobility management, multimedia abstraction communications over wireline and wireless networks and Tele-learning system.

 Software Agents Group - MIT  
The Software Agents Group of the MIT Media Laboratory investigates computer systems to which one can delegate tasks. Software agents differ from conventional software in that they are long-lived, semi-autonomous, proactive, and adaptive. The group develops techniques and builds prototype agent systems that can be tested.

 Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory - University of Massachusetts  
The Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory (EKSL), under the direction of Professor Paul R. Cohen, seeks to understand the requirements of autonomous agents operating in complex, real-world environments, and to develop a science of agent design grounded in this understanding.

 Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology - University of Maryland Baltimore County  
The UMBC Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology (LAIT) is an interdiciplinary research group focused on advanced database and knowledge-based systems, intelligent agents, text and natural language processing, intelligent interfaces, information retrieval and hypertext systems, machine learning and artificial life.

 MASA Group - University of Connecticut  
The Mobile Autonomous Software Agent Computing Group at UConn was formed in the summer of 1998, intended to be a forum for students and faculty interested in mobile software agent computing. This web site was set up in order to present MASA group's research and research from other institutions.

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