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 Agent based systems group - Warwick University  
The Agent-Based Systems Group (ABSG) in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick is led by Dr. Michael Luck. Its research is concerned with diverse aspects of intelligent agents and multi-agent systems.

 Architectures for Intelligent Agents - University of Birmingham  
This research group is investigating principles for designing or explaining architectures for "whole" intelligent agents, combining many kinds of functionality, whether natural or artificial. Initially these agents inhabit only simple simulated worlds.

 Knowledge Media Institute - Open University  
Knowledge Media' encompasses a broad programme of research into new learner-centred technologies, including Internet-enhanced collaboration media, multimedia environments for disabled learners, intelligent agents, organisational memories, digital documents, scientific visualisation and simulation tools, etc.

 Control Laboratory - University of Twente  
At this homepage you will find information about the laboratory research on the usage of autonomous agents for developing control systems. You will find information about relevant projects, people involved in this research and links to other resources.

 Artificial Intelligence Laboratory - Vrije University, Brussels  
The group has been working on the topic of software agents for about a decade, based on the experience from knowledge engineering and extending the scope of the research area. This page gives an overview of this journey, with short descriptions and links to the projects that constitute its stepstones.

 Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence - University of Vienna  
The Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (Institut für Medizinische Kybernetik und Artificial Intelligence - IMKAI) at the University of Vienna was founded in 1978. Research at IMKAI is performed in close cooperation with the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (ÖFAI) in various areas of AI.

 Theoretical Informatics and Foundations of Artificial Intelligence - Technical University of Munich  
The AI/Cognition group (within the Theoretical Computer Science and Foundations of AI Research Unit) is involved in basic research in the areas of qualitative representation of spatial knowledge, adaptive control of manipulators, of distributed machine learning, and of multiagent systems/distributed artificial intelligence. There are industrial cooperations with Siemens AG, Kratzer Automatisierung GmbH and Zoche Antriebstechnik und Motorenbau GmbH.

 The Agent eXpertTeam - Potsdam University  
The Agent eXpert Team (TAXT) was established in Autumn 1997 at Potsdam University, Department of Computer Science. One of TAXT’s essential contributions is the general modelling of agent systems as architecture types.

 Learning Agents & Systems group - University of Aberdeen  
The Learning Agents & Systems group is based in the Department of Computing Science. In recent years, the group has developed and applied machine learning and intelligent information agent technologies to a variety of real-world problems.

 ADE: Architecture type-based Development Enviroment for agent-based application systems  
ADE is an architecture type-based agent builder tool for the substantiated and fast development of agent-based application systems

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