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 TACOMA - Operating system support for agents  
The TACOMA project (Tromsø And COrnell Moving Agents) focuses on operating system support for agents and how agents can be used to solve problems traditionally addressed by other distributed computing paradigms, e.g. the client/server model.

 DESIRE Research Programme - University of Amsterdam  
The DESIRE research programme focusses on the study of compositional multi-agent systems for complex (and often distributed) tasks and development methods for these systems. In this research programme, the agent metaphor has been adopted as a point of departure: a complex task can be modelled as a composition of a number of tasks, each of which is performed by one or more agents; these agents can have the form of automated systems or human agents (users).

 The Ara Platform for Mobile Agents  
Ara is a platform for the portable and secure execution of mobile agents in heterogeneous networks. Mobile agents in this sense are programs with the ability to change their host machine during execution while preserving their internal state.

 The Mole - University of Stuttgart  
The Distributed Systems group at the IPVR of the University of Stuttgart started working on Mobile Agents in 1994. In March 1995 a research group for Mobile Agents was established by Prof. Rothermel with the goal of developing the technology, to assess potential uses and to appraise problems and solutions in this area.

 Monads - University of Helsinki  
The research project Monads examines adaptive agents for nomadic users. The project designs a software architecture based on agents and implements prototypes based on that architecture.

 DAI - University of Technology Berlin  
The DAI-Labor is part of the department of computer science at the University of Technology Berlin. Its major activities center around research and development of basic technologies and toolkits apt to support the realization of agent-based systems in modern telecommunications.

 Intelligent Agents Group - Trinity College Dublin  
In September 1996, Broadcom Ireland formed a research collaboration with the Computer Science Department in Trinity College Dublin., in order to explore current research in the domain of Intelligent Agents and to apply this technology to several applications. The resulting collaboration has been named the Intelligent Agents Group (IAG).

 Intelligent Software Agents - Aberdeen University  
This research group, headed by Pete Edwards, is investigating the use of learning and refinement techniques in the context of multi-agent systems.

 Distributed Artificial Intelligence Unit - University of London  
The DAI Unit, headed by Professor Nick Jennings, is part of the Intelligent Systems Group in the Department of Electronic Engineering at QMW (part of the University of London). The Unit has developed and applied agent and multi-agent techniques to real world problems in a wide range of commercial and industrial domains.

 Intelligent System Applications Research Group - QMW - London  
The Intelligent Systems Applications Group is recognised for its work in applying advanced information processing techniques to real world applications. Its particular strengths lie in the construction of agent-based systems and in the handling of uncertainty; a unique combination.

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