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Nearlife conceptualizes and creates new products that redefine the way people interact and are entertained. The company develops products that integrate cutting edge technology with the value of established entertainment techniques. Its products include all kinds of interactive media from Internet and on-line virtual environments to location based experiences.

 La Cantoche Production  
La Cantoche Production is specialized in Microsoft Agent character development. They offer consulting, design, animation and development services for your own conversational Agent character.

Agentopia produces Microsoft Agents; three-dimensional animated characters that end-users view as unique personalities. Each agent consists of a full set of props, special effects, audio effects, synthetic voices and/or professional voices if requested.

 V*Star Inc  
V*Star’s voice technology is based on over five years of development of an advanced vocal synthesizer system which super sets the Klatt Synthesizer developed at MIT in the late 80's. V*Star’s vocal generator produces a wide range of unique human and cartoon character voices with emotions from theatrical script inputs.

The company has developed high-resolution video games for on-line interactive TV services, Virtual Studio Television Production Systems and acquired considerable expertise in the making of stereoscopic, 3D TV programmes for the Broadcast Systems of the future.

In the very near future of mankind we will talk to machines without even realizing it. Kiwilogic´s mission is to turn this vision into reality by offering premium tools that allow the creation of natural language agents. Their Lingubots provide immediate answers to consumers, Lingubot technology now facilitates interpreting and answering natural language statements without wasting time.

Mediaphora develops dynamic and entertaining 3D agents able to interact with Net surfers. Mediaphora's agents use 3D animations, voice synthesis, voice recognition and semantic analysis technology to make web sites more interactive.

3Dclic is a content developer and technical integrator : 3Dclic has developed a chain of production ranging from 3D and character development to the production of 3D and character animations for TV and/or the Internet.

 Cyberlife Research  
Cyberlife Research’s mission is to populate the physical and virtual worlds with intelligent artificial lifeforms, fusing biology with machine to create friendlier, more robust, more adaptable technology. The Cyberlife approach to artificial intelligence differs in several crucial respects from the traditional AI approach. Cyberlife is fundamentally about how to make lots of small dumb things behave like one large intelligent thing.

 Blaxxun interactive  
Blaxxun interactive is a company that designs, develops, and produces interactive Virtual Worlds based on its software platform. The company develops professional, solutions for Virtual Worlds in the fields of entertainment, e-commerce, and business.

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