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 Java Aglet Application Programming Interface  pop
By Danny B. Lange, IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, 2/19/1997
The aglet represents the next leap forward in the evolution of executable content on the Internet, introducing program code that can be transported along with state information. Aglets are Java objects that can move from one host on the Internet to another.

 JATLite  pop
JATLite (Java Agent Template, Lite) is a package of programs written in the Java language that allow users to quickly create new software "agents" that communicate robustly over the Internet. JATLite also provides a basic infrastructure in which agents register with an Agent Message Router (AMR) using a name and password, connect/disconnect from the Internet, send and receive messages, etc.

 AIML  pop
AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) is an XML specification for programming chat robots like ALICE, created by Dr. Richard Wallace and now developed by the Alice user community. The emphasis in the language design is minimalism. The simplicity of AIML makes it easy for non-programmers, especially those who already know HTML, to get started writing chat robots. AIML is Open Source, available under the terms of the GNU Public Licence.

 Java Aglet Application Programming Interface (J-AAPI) White Paper  
The Java Aglet Application Programming Interface (J-AAPI) is a proposed standard for interfacing aglets and their environment. Application developers can write platform-independent aglets and expect them to run on any host that supports J-AAPI.

 The Aglet Portal  
This site has been set up to act as a resource collection for the Aglets Community. The code snippets and examples here are free to download and there are currently no license restrictions to how you use them.

This page is maintained at the UMBC Lab for Advanced Information Technology by Tim Finin and provides links and definitions on KIF language.

 Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF)  
Michael R. Genesereth's pages on KIF language.

 Java Technology  
The Java Development Kit is provided free by Sun for Java developers. Presentation of Java Technology: Java platform, support and services, Java store, etc.

 Python Language Website  
Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Scheme or Java and can be used for writing agents.

 AKL and Agents  
By Johan Montelius, 10/21/1994
The Agents Kernel Language (AKL) is a concurrent constraint programming language developed at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. In AKL, computation is performed by agents interacting through stores of constraints. This notion accomodates multiple programming paradigms; in appropriate contexts, AKL agents may be thought of as processes, objects, functions, relations, or constraints.

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