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 Bee-gent Multi Agent Framework  
Bee-gent is a new type of development framework in that it is a 100% pure agent system. As opposed to other systems which make only some use of agents, Bee-gent completely "Agentifies" the communication that takes place between software applications. The applications become agents and all messages are carried by agents.

 Concordia - Java Mobile Agent Technology  
Concordia is a full-featured framework for development and management of network-efficient mobile agent applications for accessing information anytime, anywhere and on any device supporting Java.

 Open Agent Architecture  
A framework for integrating a community of heterogeneous software agents in a distributed environment. The context of the Open Agent Architecture (OAA) is focused on building distributed communities of agents, where agent is defined as any software process that meets the conventions of the OAA society.

 Dynamics of multiagent systems  
By Oliver Guenther, Parc Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, 02/13/96
The question which all multiagents systems face is to produce global complex behavior via the local interactions of their constitutive parts. It is particularly problematic because the individual parts' vision of the whole system is limited.

 Cognitive/Agent Architecture  
The objective of this document is to provide some rational, structured access to an analysis of cognitive and agent architectures. Twelve architectures have been used for this preliminary analysis representing a wide range of current architectures in artificial intelligence.

 DECAF: Distributed, Environment-Centered Agent Framework  
DECAF is a toolkit which allows a well-defined software engineering approach to building multi-agent systems. The toolkit provides a stable platform to design, rapidly develop, and execute intelligent agents to achieve solutions in complex software systems. DECAF provides the necessary architectural services of a large-grained intelligent agent: communication, planning, scheduling, execution monitoring, coordination, and eventually learning and self-diagnosis.

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