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 Botspot  pop is a resource for bots, intelligent agents, knowledge discovery, and artificial intelligence applications on the Internet The site is a directory of bots classified into 14 categories including Shopping Bots, Chatter Bots or Update Bots.

Cybion is an information specialist and a pioneer of business, economic, and strategic intelligence. All services are based on their extensive experience managing information, developing intelligent agents, analyzing customers needs, and creating customized solutions.

Veille has extensive knowledge and experience related to managing information. Veille has developed various methods which solve the regular problems related to strategic business intelligence and information management: good information is difficult to find, there is too much irrelevant information, it is hard to verify the reliability of the source, the information is outdated quickly.

 Agent Info  
Andy Wood's research concerns the use of autonomous agents in the fields of HCI and CSCW - commonly referred to as Interface Agents. As such, he has collected quite a substantial bibliography on this topic as well as on agents in general.

 Evaluation of intelligent software agents  
Dick Stenmark has started a project on Intelligent Software Agents. His mission is to scan the market for developed, ready-to-run agent software that may be used on a company intranet to enhance information retrieval and knowledge management. Existing software found is categorised and placed in a table to indicate its field of work and platform used.

 UMBC Agent Web  
AgentWeb is maintained at the UMBC Lab for Advanced Information Technology by Tim Finin. The site gathers information and resources about intelligent information agents, intentional agents, software agents, softbots, knowbots, infobots, etc.

 CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository  
The Artificial Intelligence Repository was established by Mark Kantrowitz in 1993 to collect files, programs and publications of interest to Artificial Intelligence researchers, educators, and students  
Their mission is to have available the latest state-of-the-art information and resources when it comes to Bots and Intelligent Agents.

 Agents et recherche d'information sur Internet  
The subject of this thesis is information retrieval on the Internet and intelligent agents. It deals with the different definitions of agents, along with their description and functions. This site is the updating of this thesis attended in 1997, you will find a list of links on the subject.  
Surfing-Net is a web site that keeps you updated in terms of information retrieval, intelligent agents and other robots. It proposes a glossary, archives, articles,etc. You can also propose articles of your own if you want.

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