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 PC AI - Artificial Intelligence  
PC AI provides the information necessary to help managers, programmers, executives, and other professionals understand the quickly unfolding realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intelligent applications. Multiple-part and in-depth tutorials and overviews, product evaluations and successful application stories help the newcomer understand and apply these technologies.

 Artificial Life Online  
This site includes solicited reviews of Artificial Life software, sites, books, and papers, as well as introductory and editorial material provided for the Alife community.

 New Scientist: AI AND A-LIFE  
Researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial life (A-Life) make their living by modelling, copying or adapting systems from biology.

 Intelligence: New Visions of AI in Practice  
Intelligence is published quarterly by the Association for Computing Machinery, similar in style and appearance to interactions. Intelligence also serves as the primary publication of ACM SIGART, the ACM special interest group in AI, and replaces the SIGART Bulletin. The magazine normally contains feature articles, regular columns, editorials, announcements, news, book reviews, conference reviews and previews, and much more.

 AI Magazine  
AI Magazine is an Official Publication of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence.

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