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 Intelligent Information Agents: Agent-Based Information Discovery and Management on the Internet  
M. Klusch, 1999, 450 pp
Agent technology has recently become one of the most vibrant and fastest growing areas in information technology. Within this booming area, intelligent information agents are attracting particular attention from the research and development community, as well as from industry and user communities interested in everyday private and professional applications. This monograph is the first systematic state-of-the-art survey on intelligent information agents.

 Les agents intelligents: essai sur la rationalité des calculs  
By J. Sallantin, 10/31/1997, 292p.
This book entitled "intelligent agents" provides an introduction to the theory and practice of rational agents.

 Peer-to-Peer: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies  
Edited by Andy Oram, 03/2001, 448pp
The term "peer-to-peer" has come to be applied to networks that expect end users to contribute their own files, computing time, or other resources to some shared project. This book presents the goals that drive the developers of the best-known peer-to-peer systems, the problems they've faced, and the technical solutions they've found. The contributors are leading developers of well-known peer-to-peer systems.

 2001 P2P Industry Overview: An O'Reilly Research Report  
By Dr. Jon Orwant, 05/2001, 150pp
The 2001 P2P Industry Overview is a comprehensive look at peer-to-peer from business and technical perspectives. It describes the state of the industry and offer opinions, with hard data to back them up, about where it's going to go next. These opinions are augmented with O'Reilly Research’s statistical and computational techniques tailored for modeling, condensing, summarizing, and forecasting trends in software development.

 Speech Synthesis and Recognition  
By John Holmes and Wendy Holmes, 2001.
“Speech Synthesis and Recognition” is an easy to read introduction to the subjects of generating and interpreting speech for those who have no experience and wish to specialize in the area, and also for professionals in related fields.

 Understanding Agent Systems  
This book, by Inverno, M. and Luck, M., presents a formal approach to dealing with agents and agent systems. The framework provides precise and unambiguous meanings for common concepts and terms for agent systems, allows for the description of alternative agent models and architectures, and serves as a foundation for subsequent development of increasingly refined agent concepts.
The methodology presented takes a very significant step towards organizing and structuring the diverse and disparate landscape of agent-based systems by applying formal methods to develop a defining and encompassing agent framework.

 Iterative Software Engineering for Multiagent Systems  
This book by Lind, J. presents one of the first attempts to develop a methodology for a broad class of agent-based systems. It provides a clear introduction to the key issues in the field of agent-oriented software engineering and a comprehensive overview of the state of the art.

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