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 Robot: mere machine to transcendent mind  
By Hans Moravec, 1998, 240 pp
The book considers the history and future of intelligent machines.

 Mobile Agents and Security  
By Vigna Giovanni, 1998, 257 pp
Besides a good deal of promise, mobile agents also introduce new problems. Most of these problems have to do with security and safety.

 Reasoning about Rational Agents  
By Michael Wooldridge, July 2000, 241 pp
This book provides an advanced introduction to the theory and practice of such agents. It focuses on the belief-desire-intention (BDI) model of agency.

 Foundations of Knowledge Systems with Applications to Databases and Agents  
By Gerd Wagner, July 1998, 328 pp
Foundations of Databases and Knowledge Systems covers both basic and advanced topics. It may be used as the textbook of a course offering a broad introduction to databases and knowledge bases, or it may be used as an additional textbook in a course on databases or Artificial Intelligence

 Heterogeneous Agent Systems  
by V. S. Subrahmanian, Piero Bonatti, Jürgen Dix, Thomas Eiter, Sarit Kraus, Fatma Ozcan, and Robert Ross, 06/2000, 640 pp
After a discussion of the theory of software agents, this book presents IMPACT (Interactive Maryland Platform for Agents Collaborating Together), an experimental agent infrastructure that translates formal theories of agency into a functional multiagent system that can extend legacy software code and application-specific or legacy data structures.

 Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition for the Unmanned Ground Vehicle  
By Oscar Firschein and Thomas M. Stratt, 1997, 459 pp
the complete title is "Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition for the Unmanned Ground Vehicle: Providing Surveillance "Eyes" for an Autonomous Vehicle". This is a technical reports prepared for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Image Understanding Program.

 Robots for Kids: Exploring New Technologies for Learning  
By Allison Druin and James Hendler, 04/2000, 350 pp
Robots for Kids: Exploring New Technologies for Learning opens with contributions from leading designers and researchers, each offering a unique perspective into the challenge of developing robots specifically for children.

 Making Robots Smarter  
By Katharina Morik, Michael Kaiser and Volker Klingspor, June 1999, 288 pp.
Making Robots Smarter is a book about learning robots. It treats this topic based on the idea that the integration of sensing and action is the central issue.

 Dynamic Worlds: From the Frame Problem to Knowledge Management  
By Remo Pareschi and Bertram Fronhöfer, March 1999, 296 pp.
Reasoning is an integral part of intelligent systems in fields like databases, logic programming, robotics, knowledge engineering, human/computer interfaces, programming environments, etc. On the one hand this book surveys and synthesizes recent research work, while on the other hand new research results are included

 Advances in Networked Enterprises  
By Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh and Heinz-H. Erbe, 09/2000, 504 pp
The main emphasis of this book is on virtual enterprises and other networked organizations, with special focus on: supporting infrastructures and management of distributed business processes, intelligent multi-agent systems, knowledge management, human interfaces, and socio-economical aspects.

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