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 Mobile Processing in Distributed and Open Environments  
By Peter Sapaty, 03/1999, 432 pp
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to WAVE, a revolutionary technology that combines the power and flexibility of conventional sequential programming with the open, fully distributed architectures found in the most sophisticated CORBA-based systems. In this book, Sapaty provides a complete, hands-on tutorial in the WAVE programming language and its applications.

 Fuzzy If-Then Rules in Computational Intelligence  
By Da Ruan and Etienne E. Kerre, 04/2000, 344 pp.
This book is an essential resource for engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists working in fuzzy sets, soft computing, and computational intelligence.

 Intelligent Control Based on Flexible Neural Networks  
By Mohammad Teshnehlab and Keigo Watanabe, June 1999, 256 pp
This book will be a valuable aid to new research in which high abilities in artificial neural networks in intelligent control design and development can be achieved

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