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 Mobile Object Systems: Towards the Programmable Internet  
By Jan Vitek and Christian Tschudin, 4/97
This book presents a collection of papers dealing with different aspects of mobile computations.

 Active Middleware Services  
By Salim Hariri, Craig A. Lee and Cauligi Raghavendra, September 2000, 240 pp.
The chapters in this volume are based on presentations at the Second Annual Workshop on Active Middleware Services. This book draws on research results in active networks, mobile and intelligent agents, software tools for high-performance distributed computing, network operating systems, and application programming models and environments.

 From Animals to Animats 6  
by Jean-Arcady Meyer, Alain Berthoz, Dario Floreano, Herbert L. Roitblat, and Stewart W. Wilson, 08/2000, 500 pp.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior. The work presented focuses on well-defined models--robotic, computer-simulation, and mathematical--that help to characterize and compare various organizational principles or architectures underlying adaptive behavior in both natural animals and animats.

 Knowledge Representation 2000: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference  
By Knowledge Representation, 04/2000, 752 pp
Proceedings of the biennial Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.

 Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference  
By Darrell Whitley, David Goldberg, Erick Cantu-Paz, Lee Spector, Ian Parmee, and Hans-Georg Beyer, 07/2000, 1088 pp
The 2000 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference combined the longest running conference in evolutionary computation and the world's two largest EC conferences to create a unique opportunity to bring together the best in research in the growing field of genetic and evolutionary computation.

 Telecommunication Network Intelligence  
By Harmen R. van As, August 2000, 640 pp
Telecommunication Network Intelligence is a state-of-the-art book that deals with issues related to the development, distribution, and management of intelligent capabilities and services in telecommunication networks.This book comprises the proceedings of SmartNet 2000, the Sixth International Conference on Intelligence in Networks held in September 2000.

 Intelligence in Networks  
This state-of-the-art text sets out to identify and study issues related to solutions for increasing intelligence in networks. As examples, intelligence networks (IN), telecommunication information networking architecture (TINA) and mobile agents and active networks are different solutions for improving the grade of network intelligence. This book contains the proceedings of SMARTNET'99 in November 1999.

 Wireless Communication Technologies: New Multimedia Systems  
By Norihiko Morinaga, Ryuji Kohno and Seiichi Sampei, June 2000, 344 pp.
Wireless Communication Technologies: New Multimedia Systems is based on a selection of the best papers presented at the recent International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC '99). Insights into many of the hot and rapidly developing research topics, such as bluetooth, Mobile IP, GPRS, and others, are discussed.

 AAAI-00: Proceedings of the 17th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence  
By AAAI, 09/2000, 1200 pp
Topics cover principles of cognition, perception, and action; the design, application, and evaluation of AI algorithms and systems; architectures and frameworks for classes of AI systems; and analyses of tasks and domains in which intelligent systems perform.

 Artificial Life VII: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Artificial Life  
By Mark A. Bedau, John S. McCaskill, Norman H. Packard, and Steen Rasmussen, 07/2000, 500 pp
Since their inception in 1987, the Artificial Life meetings have grown from small workshops to truly international conferences, reflecting the field's increasing appeal to researchers in all areas of science.

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