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 Bluetooth: Connect Without Cables  
By Jennifer Bray and Charles Sturman, 10/2000, 400 pp
In this book, the Bluetooth specification is explained from top to bottom, examining the implementation options and the market opportunities. The authors put the specification into context with other related standards and protocols and attempt to uncover the truth behind these bold claims and explain the hype surrounding one of the most talked about technologies of the decade.,3498,store-562_isbn-0130661066,00.html?

 Bluetooth Revealed  
By Brent A. Miller and Chatschik Bisdikian, 09/2000, 300pp,3498,store-562_isbn-0130672378,00.html?

 Mobile Communications  
By Jochen Schiller, 2000, 400 pp
Jochen Schiller draws on extensive experience to present an essential grounding in mobile communications, explaining current developments in industry and research and providing a detailed technical background to the area, with a focus on the crucial area of digital data transfer. Chapters cover new aspects of Bluetooth, mobile TCP research, and the Wireless Application Protocol.,,0201398362,00%2ben-USS_01DBC.html

 Wireless Communication Technologies: New Multimedia Systems  
By Norihiko Morinaga, Ryuji Kohno and Seiichi Sampei, June 2000, 344 pp.
Wireless Communication Technologies: New Multimedia Systems is based on a selection of the best papers presented at the recent International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC '99). Insights into many of the hot and rapidly developing research topics, such as bluetooth, Mobile IP, GPRS, and others, are discussed.

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