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 An Introduction to AI Robotics  
By Robin R. Murphy, 10/2000, 400 pp
This text covers all the material needed to understand the principles behind the AI approach to robotics and to program an artificially intelligent robot for applications involving sensing, navigation, planning, and uncertainty. Robin Murphy contrasts AI and engineering approaches and discusses what she calls the three paradigms of AI robotics: hierarchical, reactive, and hybrid deliberative/reactive

 The Essence of Artificial Intelligence  
By Alison Cawsey, 1998, 240 pp
This book demystifies artificial intelligence, making it concrete and transparent. It covers knowledge representation, inference, expert systems, natural language processing, machine learning, neural networks, agents, robots, and more.,,store-562_banner-0_isbn-0135717795,00.html

 La vie artificielle  
By J-C. Heudin, 09/30/1994, 272p.
This book deals with the artificial life fundaments and the research developped in that field. Theoretical, philosophical and practical aspects are treated, besides the evolution of artificial life and fundamental questioning it creates.

 Conférence Apprentissage CAp'2000  
By C. de la Higuera, 06/01/2000, 256p.
In the field of artificial intelligence, automatic learning covers different approaches, relying on the interaction of the systems with human beings. These matters are treated in a learning conference, held each year, in order to discuss the tools, models, etc.

 Intelligence Artificielle Située  
By A. Drogoul and J-A. Meyer, 10/01/1999, 258p.

 The Emotion Machine  
This book by Marvin Minsky, Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), addresses the motivations that drive the agents in the society of mind. The central idea is that emotion is not different from thinking.
Emotions, in this theory, are our names for the economics and sociology of our mental societies: the mechanisms, regulative forces, and interactions.

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