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 Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI): Proceedings of the 7th-16th Conferences (UAI'00)  
By Kathleen Laskey, 07/2000, 666 pp
Proceedings of the annual Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, available for 1991-present. The Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Proceedings have become a basic reference for researches and practitioners who want to know about both theoretical advances and the latest applied developments in the field

 The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Volume 10 (JAIR)  
By Michael Wellman, 1999, 478 pp
The paper version of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. JAIR is a refereed journal, covering all areas of Artificial Intelligence, which is distributed free of charge over the internet.

 Artificial-Intelligence-based Electrical Machines and Drives  
By Peter Vas, 01/28/1999, 654 pp
Recently artificial-intelligence-based techniques (fuzzy logic, neural networks, fuzzy-neural networks, genetic algorithms, etc) have received increased attention world-wide and at present two industrial drives incorporate some form of artificial intelligence. This is the first comprehensive book which discusses numerous AI applications to electrical machines and drives.

 Fundamentals of Data Warehouses  
By Jarke, Lenzerini, Vassiliou, and Vassiliadis, 2000, 195 pp
Based on results of the European Data Warehouse Quality project, this book offers a conceptual framework by which the architecture and quality of data warehouse efforts can be assessed and improved using enriched metadata management combined with advanced techniques from databases, business modeling, and artificial intelligence.

 Faithful Representations and Topographic Maps  
By Marc M. Van Hulle, 01/2000, 288 pp
The complete title is "Faithful Representations and Topographic Maps: From Distortion- to Information-Based Self-Organization".Topographic map formation is an important component of both artificial and biological networks, and is emerging as a key topic in the theory of neural networks, a popular area of artificial intelligence research.

 Fuzzy If-Then Rules in Computational Intelligence  
By Da Ruan and Etienne E. Kerre, 04/2000, 344 pp.
This book is an essential resource for engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists working in fuzzy sets, soft computing, and computational intelligence.

 Machine Conversations  
By Yorick Wilks, July 1999, 232 pp.
This book is a good reference for researchers interested in computational linguistics, cognitive science, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, human computer interfaces and machine learning.

 Fuzzy Sets in Approximate Reasoning and Information Systems  
By James C. Bezdek, Didier Dubois and Henri Prade, July 1999, 536 pp
This book is a major source of information for research scholars and graduate students in computer science and artificial intelligence, interested in human information processing.

 Intelligent Building Systems  
By Albert Ting-pat So and Wai Lok Chan, April 1999, 192 pp
This book introduces the background material necessary to understand intelligent building systems, including information on electronics technology, fundamental mathematics, and techniques in artificial intelligence and signal processing

 Evolutionary Robotics: The Biology, Intelligence, and Technology of Self-Organizing Machines  
By Stefano Nolfi and Dario Floreano, 10/2000, 384 pp
This book describes the basic concepts and methodologies of evolutionary robotics and the results achieved so far. An important feature is the clear presentation of a set of empirical experiments of increasing complexity. Software with a graphic interface, freely available on a Web page, will allow the reader to replicate and vary (in simulation and on real robots) most of the experiments.

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