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 Mark Watson's books on Java, Artificial Intelligence, C++ and Intelligent Agents

 Creating Personalities for Synthetic Actors: Towards Autonomous Personality Agents  
By Robert Trappl and Paolo Petta, 1997, 251 pp.
This book describes the different approaches and solutions developed by computer animation specialists, computer scientists, experts in AI, psychologists and philosophers, from leading laboratories world-wide.

 Artificial Intelligence:Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving  
By George F. Luger, William A. Stubblefield, 1998, 868 pp
This successful book provides a balanced perspective on the languages, schools, theories, and applications of Artificial Intelligence. Now in its third edition, Artificial Intelligence contains an expanded presentation of case based reasoning, genetic algorithms, neural nets, agents, and stochastic models of natural language understanding. In addition, the book contains a discussion of emergent computation and artificial-life.,,0805311963,00%2ben-USS_01DBC.html

 Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Practice  
By Thomas Dean, 1995, 650 pp
The authors examines both the representational and computational issues that arise in developing systems capable of machine intelligence. He discusses these issues in terms of their syntax, semantics, and computation and offer detailed coverage of both traditional symbolic reasoning techniques and alternative techniques such as neural networks, probabilistic reasoning, and image processing.,,0805325476,00%2ben-USS_01DBC.html

 Magical A-Life Avatars: A new paradigm for the Internet  
By Peter Small, 1998, 450 pp
Magical A-Life Avatars shows, with practical examples, how to bring intelligence to your Website and create Internet interfaces that will increase your competitive advantage. If you're interested in cutting-edge website design and application, this book is for you.

 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach  
By Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, 1994, 912 pp
This book offers an introduction to artificial intelligence. It is has five principal features that together distinguish it from other texts: Unified presentation of the field, Intelligent agent design, Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage, Equal emphasis on theory and practice, and Understanding through implementation.

 Darwin Among the Machines:  
By George B. Dyson, 1998, 304 pp.
Introducing a cast of known and unknown characters, George B. Dyson traces the course of the information revolution, illuminating the lives and work of visionaries-from the time of Thomas Hobbes to the time of John von Neumann-who foresaw the development of artificial intelligence, artificial life, and artificial mind.

 Cambrian Intelligence: The Early History of the New AI  
By Rodney A. Brooks 1999 213 pp
This book represents Brooks' initial formulation of and contributions to the development of the behavior-based approach to robotics. It presents all of the key philosophical and technical ideas that put this "bottom-up" approach at the forefront of current research in not only AI but all of cognitive science.

 Intelligent Software Agents  
By Richard Murch and Tony Johnson, 1998, 300 pp
Discover how agent technology is becoming increasingly adaptable, mobile, transparent, accountable, rugged, user-centered, and autonomous. Understand the challenges facing agent developers, including security, privacy, legal issues, control, and performance.,,store-562_banner-0_isbn-0130110213,00.html

 Agents and Multi-Agent Systems: Formalisms, Methodologies and Applications  
Based on the AI ‘97 Workshops on Commonsense Reasoning, Intelligent Agents, and Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Perth, Australia, November 30 – December 1, 1997, 241 pp
The book is divided into sections on formal methods of agency, reasoning agents, communication and coordination, social interaction, and practical issues for distributed artificial intelligence systems.

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