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 Sandia-developed intelligent software agents challenge electronic intruders  
By John German, Sandia National Laboratories, 05/19/2000
World Wide Web could be vulnerable in the countries which have no on-line adequate programs of protection; in such countries computers could become a resource for computer pirates.

 Intelligent Agent Communities: Agents That Communicate, Learn, and Predict  
By Gad Barnea, Web Techniques, 9/1999
In this article, we'll look at agents of a different breed, agents that serve applications and agents that serve other agents. Intelligent software means that the program can learn independently, for the purpose of improving itself, and digest new data into a form from which it can infer when queried by a human or an application.

 Writing Intelligent Web Agents  
By Michael Schrenk, Web Techniques, 3/2000
The goal of this article is to introduce you to the basic concepts of writing intelligent Web agents, and then to point you to where you can get ideas for agents of your own design.

 Are We Ready to Live and Work with Robots?  
AT&T Magazine, 1999
At the heart of a world with artificial intelligence and human-like machines are some very emotional issues.

 Les agents intelligents sur Internet  
This personal page deals with the discovery of agent technology and its application on the Internet. You can find the definition of the term "agent",its caracterstics, etc. A synthetic table of contents listing agents and current university projects, a bibliography and a bookmark are also available on the site.

 La veille sur Internet  
By Ismaïl Timimi and Jacques Rouault, The information and communication stakes, 11/24/1999
This article entitled "Internet watch: improving strategic information retrieval" discusses the works of the Cristal team. The topic is information retrieval and indexing based on automatic natural language processing. Different search engines are presented, besides the role of intelligent agents in the information filtering .

 AgentOS: The Agent-based Distributed Operating System for Mobile Networks  
By Larry T. Chen, ACM Crossroads, 1999
This article presents the project of creating an AgentOS for ubiquitous access to information, data, and applications. The goals of the project include: showing that an efficient OS for mobile applications can be built using agents; demonstrating that concurrent, mobile agents represent the most suitable paradigm for developing and deploying mobile computing applications.

 Web Hunting: Design of a Simple Intelligent Web Search Agent  
By G. Michael Youngblood, ACM Crossroads, 1999
The goal of this article is to introduce the reader to the basic elements of an intelligent agent, and then apply those elements to a Web search agent to provide the framework for the construction of a simple intelligent Web search agent. An overview of typical artificial intelligence search algorithms is presented and performance metrics is discussed.

 Protecting the Integrity of Agents: An Exploration into Letting Agents Loose in an Unpredictable Wor  
By Michael J. Grimley and Brian D. Monroe, ACM Crossroads, 1999
Agents are currently being used in numerous situations, such as workflow management, network management, air-traffic control, information retrieval management, etc. However, agents within the community may have conflicting beliefs, goals, commitments, or ways of carrying out tasks. Furthermore, there is the issue of security within the community. In this paper, these issues and the ramifications of letting agents loose in an unpredictable world are discussed; solutions are also proposed.

 Where Do Intelligent Agents Come From?  
By Cristobal Baray and Kyle Wagner, ACM Crossroads, 1999
Researchers at Indiana University are part of a growing community that believe that the dumb-agent approach will both enable Artificial Intelligence researchers to build more intelligent systems and enable cognitive scientists to study intelligence more broadly. This article offers an introduction to the dumb-agent approach to intelligent behavior at Indiana University.

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