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 What sort of architecture is required for a human-like agent?  
By Aaron Sloman, 5/23/1996
This paper is about how to give human-like powers to complete agents. For this the most important design choice concerns the overall architecture.

 Agent-Based Modeling and Behavioral Representation  
By Dr. Michael J. Young of the Air Force Research Laboratory's Human Effectiveness Directorate, 6/1/2000
The AMBR program is developing new approaches to simulate intelligent behavior and applying this knowledge to enhance the modeling and simulation capability of the Air Force.

 Towards a Standardization of Multi-Agent System Frameworks  
By Roberto A. Flores-Mendez, ACM Crossroads, 1999
This article briefly introduced some basic notions in the design of a multi-agent systems architecture being developed at the University of Calgary, an effort that promises to become a fruitful contribution for the area of agent research.

 Primitive Interaction Protocols for Agents in a Dynamic Environment  
By Roberto A. Flores and Niek J.E. Wijngaards, 1999
This paper describes a generic multi-agent systems architecture for dynamic collaboration in an open environment.

 The CAG Multi-Agent Framework  
By Rob Kremer, 12/3/1998
The aim of the CAG multi-agent framework architecture is to support collaborating software agents by providing easy-to-use coordination services over the Internet. These services include conversation messaging services, yellow page (lookup and search) services, and remote call services. The provision of these services should significantly reduce the complexity of developing systems of collaborating agents.

 Initial Architecture for Agent Model  
By Rob Kremer, 6/5/1998
The system consists of a server (needed as a persistent repository of data and as a coordination hub) and agents that interact with the data on the server. An agent is either a holon (and computational agent) or a human communicating through an interface program. Insofar as possible, holons and human participants are treated as equals.

 Will Robots Inherit the Earth?  
Marvin L. Minsky, Scientific American, 10/1994
This report discusses the intelligence of robots and their likelihood of inheriting the earth.

 Mobile Agents and the Future of the Internet  
By David Kotz and Robert S. Gray, ACM Operating Systems Review, 5/15/1999
In this article, they show how current technological trends may lead to a system based substantially on mobile code, and in many cases, mobile agents.

 A droid for all seasons  
By Duncan Graham-Rowe, 5/13/2000, New Scientist magazine
No job is too unusual for a breed of robots that reinvent themselves.

 Agent-Oriented Programming : A Practical Evaluation  
By David Parks, 5/12/1997
This paper provides an overview of the field of agent-oriented programming.

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