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 Social Abstractions for Information Agents  
By Michael N. Huhns and Munindar P. Singh, Intelligent Information Agents Magazine, 1999
This paper describes some social abstractions for agents that are centered around the notion of social commitments. It shows how they can be part of a practical architecture for information--rich environments, and can be applied to a range of interesting problems. It discusses two examples concerning electronic commerce and virtual enterprises, which were prototyped, albeit in a rather simple manner, using the above abstractions.

 Economic Markets as a Means of Open Mobile-Agent Systems  
By Jonathan Bredin, David Kotz, and Daniela Rus, Workshop Mobile Agents in the Context of Competition and Cooperation at Autonomous Agents, 5/1/1999
They examine some restrictions typically present in mobile-agent systems. Specifically, few mobile-agent applications implement communication with agents from other applications or submitted by competing users. This shortfall might be surprising considering that agent technology is often advertised as a unifying design paradigm nurturing both cooperation and competition. They propose that mobile agents buy computational resources from their hosts using a scarce verifiable currency.

 Smart Interactive Characters: Automating One-To-One Customer Care  
By Barbara Hayes-Roth, Web Techniques, 9/1999
Interactive characters represent a class of intelligent agents. Characters give immediate, unlimited, personalized one-to-one service to every customer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They remember past interactions, making each customer feel known and valued. They build relationships based on familiarity, affection, and trust.

 Shared Intelligence  
By Kumar A. Alwar, Intelligent enterprise Magazine, 9/29/2000
Business-to-business intelligence may be the next great wave in enterprise reporting

 Catching the Next Wave of EAI Evolution  
By Mark M. Davydov, IntelligentEAI, 4/10/2000
Interenterprise application cooperation will leverage EAI tools, e-commerce tools, and innovative technologies.

 Eye on the Competition  
By Dan Sullivan, Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, 9/8/2000
This article gives an answer to the question: "Why text mining is the key enabler of automated competitive intelligence ?"

 Learning in Time  
By Barry Grushkin, IntelligentKM, 3/20/2000
Making an intuitive computer that thinks on its “feet”

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