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  Gene Pool   Gene Pool is rated 2 by AgentLand
Gene Pool is best appreciated as a virtual Darwinian aquarium in which you initiate a primordial soup, and then occasionally check up on what Virtual Mother Nature is up to.

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  Breeding Gliders with Cellular Automata   Breeding Gliders with Cellular Automata is rated 2 by AgentLand
This program animates many different kinds of cellular automata rules, and lets you breed a population of them to become increasingly complex Life universes, analogous to Conway's Game of Life.

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  Darwin Pond   Darwin Pond is rated 2 by AgentLand
"Darwin Pond is an Artificial Life Simulation: a virtual world exhibiting the emergence of life-like behaviors.

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  Avida   Avida is rated 3 by AgentLand
The computer program Avida is an auto-adaptive genetic system designed primarily for use as a platform in Digital or Artificial Life research. The Avida system is a population of self-reproducing strings with a Turing-complete genetic basis subjected to Poisson-random mutations.

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 Media Research Lab  
The Improv Project at NYU's Media Research Lab is building technologies to produce distributed responsive virtual environments in which human-directed avatars and computer-controlled agents interact with each other in real-time, through a combination of Procedural Animation and Behavioral Scripting techniques. - The Digital Biology Project  
The mission of is to promote and assist in the engineering of complete, biologically inspired, synthetic organisms. This involves the creation and deployment of digital tools and environments for simulation, research, and learning about living systems natural and artificial. These tools could range from simple genetic algorithms all the way up to entire synthetic ecosystems

 Electronic Meeting Place  
A team led by Charles Rich and Richard Waters implemented a prototype computer system that combines aspects of an online community with aspects of a virtual reality environment. The Electronic Meeting Place, used software-agent technology based on the CMU Oz system to create a virtual robot that interacts with human visitors to a virtual reality environment.

 Ant colony optimization - AOC  
Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) studies artificial systems that take inspiration from the behavior of real ant colonies and which are used to solve discrete optimization problems. Recently, the Ant Colony Optimization meta-heuristic has been defined by Dorigo, Di Caro and Gambardella.

The boids are modeled as point masses. A local 3D coordinate system (frame of reference) is attached to the point mass and made to align with its velocity. Based on its local environment, each boid's behavioral controller computes a steering force on each iteration of the simulation.

 The Live Alife Page  
Artificial Life is a field of scientific study that attempts to model living biological systems through complex algorithms. Scientists use these models to test and experiment with a multitude of factors on the behavior of the systems. The artists at TPR/fusebox see these algorithms as a starting point for a new artistic exploration.

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