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  Virtual Woman   Virtual Woman is rated 5 by AgentLand
Your girlfriend just got some competition. In this Virtual Reality Game, build and compete against Virtual Women with full artificial intelligence, choose ethnic type, personality, location, clothing etc. Throw away solitaire forever!

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  IMpersona   IMpersona is rated 5 by AgentLand
Ever wanted to put a face to people you're instant messaging? Now you can – and hear them speak too! MSN Messenger users can see and hear their buddies as they chat. Animated characters read your incoming messages, and show emotions that are defined by easy-to-add emoticons. Set a persona for yourself that the whole world can see!

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  SeeStorm Messenger   SeeStorm Messenger is rated 5 by AgentLand
SeeStorm Messenger is an expressive and anonymous voice & video instant messenger with talking 3D characters. SeeStorm's mission is to redefine the way people communicate over the Internet by enhancing their online communication abilities and experience. You can make new connections and still maintain your anonymity by using 3D characters instead of showing your real face.

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 Ananova  pop
Ananova is the world's first virtual newscaster, she is the "human" face of a phenomenal information system. Ananova is the fastest way to check the latest news, including entertainment, sport, UK and world news, weather forecasts and a daily round-up of the national press. She allows you to slice through the news by category, or view a thread on a long-running story.

 1KTV  pop
1KTV (One kilobaud TV) presents animated talking characters in TV show and embedded web page formats at only 1/28th of a dial up Internet connection. The 1KTV Network will host a variety of 1KTV format shows including news, weather, sports, finance and entertainment that are updated daily. Some shows will be serious in the nightly news format and others will have gags and comedy skits.

 My Virtual Model  pop
My Virtual Model is an interactive on-line shopping solution with a variety of fashion and lifestyle applications (clothing, shoes, jewelry and beauty products). It enables shoppers to become the star of their own shopping experience, through the comfort and privacy of the Web. By answering specific questions, users can create virtual replica of themselves with exact measurements, skin and hair color, ensuring the perfect fit.

 Cycosmos  pop
With CycosmosCreate you will create your online identity, grab a personality to match your identity and to attract other users. In the Search you can look for people with the same interests as you, screen their attitude, interests, passions, and flaws. Found someone fascinating? Contact them by email, ecard, or instant messaging. Take your new identity out for a walk.

 T-Babe  pop
T-Babe is the daughter of S-Man and Mia. She was born in the cyberworld and has been brought up in a multicultural environment where friends and family are the upmost. She speaks English, Italian, German, she sings, she dances, she is quite simply unique.

 Click & Dress  pop
Click & Dress brings a whole new dimension to online shopping. Click & Dress is your personal virtual dressing room. Now you can model a wide selection clothing items, in various combinations and colors - online.

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