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  CheckMate   CheckMate is rated 3 by AgentLand
This agent character resembles a pawn from a chess set. A fiesty little character.

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  Gourdy   Gourdy is rated 3 by AgentLand
Gourdy the Jack-o-Lantern has the head of a funny pumpkin.

En savoir plus sur Gourdy
  Gar   Gar is rated 3 by AgentLand
Gar is a friendly Gargoyle. This character able to do 96 animations.

En savoir plus sur Gar
  Hanz   Hanz is rated 2 by AgentLand
Who is Hanz? One sees only his gloves and his glasses.

En savoir plus sur Hanz
  Alien   Alien is rated 2 by AgentLand
Alien, is a typical extra terrestrial type of character. The appearance of this agent on your desktop is enough to keep any U.F.O. fans interested.

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  Birdie   Birdie is rated 2 by AgentLand
A rather nasty fellow by the Greek comics writer Arcas. To say this guy looks funny is an understatement!

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  Electra   Electra is rated 1 by AgentLand
This character is able to make 100 animations (Acknowledge, alert, angry, announce, blink, confused, congratulate, dance, decline, explain etc.).

En savoir plus sur Electra
  Joe   Joe is rated 2 by AgentLand
Joe is a smiley face character, yellow in color. He will brighten up your desktop with a sunny smile.

En savoir plus sur Joe
  Sharky   Sharky is rated 3 by AgentLand
Sharky is a shark and he will be henceforth your companion. This is a test version only.

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  Totem   Totem is rated 3 by AgentLand
Totem, the Voodoo Mask !

En savoir plus sur Totem
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