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Alex is a chatterbot programmed to help visitors find legal information on the Jurist Web site. Depending on what you ask for, she offers links to the appropriate part of the site. You can also just chat to her about general subjects, and there is a downloadable plug-in for those who would like to hear Alex’s voice. Alex is based on Ultra Hal technology. However good she may be, don’t forget that she is just a bot: as she says, “If you have a legal problem, consult a lawyer”.

Become the author of your own chatterbot! provides everything you need to create your very own chatterbot, based on the Alice bot technology. After registering for free, you are able to begin writing your bot’s brain – try and make it the smartest and wittiest of them all! With Runabot, your bot is available on the Web and on IM, and it offers plenty of useful services like access to conversation logs and sharing conversation models with other bot creators.

Mitbolel is a chatterbot Applet written in Java using slot and frame parsing with extensibility and customizability in mind. With Mitbolel, you can put a chatterbot on your web site without writing a single line of code. The knowledge base (or information repository) is separate from the code so that anyone can customize the applet to their needs! Use the available tools to write your own knowledge base for your bot.

Jabberwock is a mysterious chatterbot from the team at Nautilus magazine. The brain file of Jabberwock includes more than 9,000 trigger lines with mostly about 5 personality key-words or phrases each line. There are 40,000 matchable patterns. Each trigger line has up to 20 or more random responses. Many of them includes additional random choices. As a result 770,000 original different and up to 1,000,000 variable responses are currently available. The Nautilus team has also produced a very interesting chatterbot FAQ with answers to key questions like “How intelligent or rationally should the chatterbot react?”

 The Personality Forge  
The Personality Forge is an Artificial Intelligence Community where users can create AI Personalities called Bots who independently exist, chatting with real people and other Bots, making friends and memories. With the easy-to-use interface and guide, build the brain of your own chatterbot, program its emotions and reactions. Chat to other members of the community, and use the forums to share tips on how to improve your bots!

 Mr Know-it-All  
Come and talk to 'Mr Know-it-All', who knows lots about animals, plants and science. He also claims to be able to do sums and remember what you say to him too. Try him and see if he really does know it all!

MGonz, an Eliza-based chatterbot written by Mark Humphrys of Dublin City University, first went live on-line in 1989. Dr. Humphrys says that “the success of [his] MGonz is mainly due to its obscenity and relentless aggression”. Since then, the program has been rewritten by Dave O’Connor, who has made it available on-line once more.

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