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 Yeti - The abominable snowman.  
Here you can talk to a computer simulated Yeti. The program is an adaptation of the original Eliza and is written in perl (for now).

 CyberMecha Studio  
The CyberMecha Studio is the home to many chatterbots including Robitron and JFRED, an open-source solution for building interactive automated personalities. With this, you can create agents to provide knowledgeable customer service on your web site, serve as convenient front-ends to search engines and databases, develop qualified sales leads, etc.

Start is a natural language question answering system. The START server answers English questions related to information from the MIT AI Laboratory and from the World Wide Web. It has a particularly good knowledge of geography questions like "show me a map of Ireland", for example.

Maybelle holds a conversation with you in plain English, on any subject you choose. All exchanges with her are logged, but you can't be identified as an individual. Mabel is provided for entertainment purposes only.

 Robert the Robot  
Another robot which as yet, is in its preliminary phase. The robot learns from its conversations and is becoming more "intelligent" all the time.

 Robbie: Customer Service chatbot!  
Robbie is a Customer Service chatbot. If you sell a product or service, you could use Robbie to totally automate customer service by answering questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - the ultimate Help Desk! It logs all conversations for quality control, and it is easy to add new responses anytime.

With novomind IQ™ virtual personalities - IPI-agents (Interactive Personable Intelligent Agents) - can be developed who embody a personified interface between companies and customers. These IPI-agents are able to engage in natural, real-time conversation with a customer. By demonstrating human qualities and manners they convey credibility, a personal atmosphere and add the missing "human touch" to every Internet web site.

 John Lennon  
The goal of the John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project (JLAIP) is to recreate the personality of the late Beatle, John Lennon, by programming an advanced artificial intelligence with John's own words. This chatterbot is based on the Alice bot.

Liam is the virtual guide to Loewe’s Web site, who can help you navigate the site and answer questions about Loewe. Liam speaks English and German.

MyLittleTony is a chatterbot character for Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister. As well as discussing politics with him, you can teach him new things and see transcripts of the best recent conversations. It is based on Kiwilogic’s Lingubot technology.

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