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 Eve  pop
Eve is the eGainAssistance, a virtual service agent for customer care developed by eGain Communications Corp to answer questions about their company and customer communication solutions.

 Virtual Personalities  pop
Virtual Personalities creates highly intelligent user interfaces featuring verbally interactive characters called Verbots. These likable, helpful agents make deep communication with technology a breeze, for beginners as well as experts. You can choose one of the Verbot characters, you can ask Virtual Personalities to create one for your company or if you have a character design they will bring it to life for you.

 Julia's Home Page  pop
Julia is a program that attempts to pass the Turing test ; she is a descendant of Eliza, the chatterbot created in 1966 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by Professor Joseph Weizenbaum.

 Artificial Life  pop
Artificial Life develops, markets and supports intelligent software robots.

 Ramona  pop
Ramona is a photorealistic, interactive, lifelike avatar that you can converse with on the web. She can answer questions about with a lifelike face, lip-synched speech and appropriate facial expressions. Ramona can explain thousands of the "thoughts" of “big thinkers” in AI, and her "Brain" is a visual map showing how each "thought" (browsable word or phrase) relates to other thoughts on the site. For the curious, she graciously answers questions about herself and her life story, including her burgeoning career as a virtual rock star.

 Jack the Ripper  pop
Saucy Jacky is a chatterbot with the mind and personality of Jack the Ripper, the nineteenth centruy serial killer. Talk to saucy Jacky. Ask him where, why, even how he committed these vicious crimes. Get into his frightfully warped mind and see if you can solve a mystery that has stumped historians and criminologists for over a hundred years.

 Nicole  pop
Nicole (Nearly Intelligent Computer Operated Language Examiner) is an attempt to simulate a conversation by learning how words are related to other words. A Human communicates with Nicole via the keyboard and Nicole responds back with its own sentences which are automatically generated, based on what Nicole has stored in its database. Each new sentence that has been typed in, and Nicole doesn't know about it, it is included into Nicole’s database, thus extending the knowledge base of Nicole.

 Elbot  pop
Elbot is an example of KiwiLogic’s Lingubots. It is a little robotic character who chats to you and jumps up and down if you don’t answer him to his satisfaction.

 Chat-Bot  pop
Chat-Bot is ready to chat with you about whatever comes across your mind. With it’s happy robotic logic, it will quickly become just like an old friend! Also on the same site, check out Talk-Bot, a bot that lives on IRC.

Extempo develops interactive characters for applications in e-commerce, corporate communications and training, and entertainment. Imp Characters work as salespeople in on-line showrooms, tour guides for company web sites, and moderators in on-line communities.

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