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  WeatherAloud   WeatherAloud is rated 5 by AgentLand
WeatherAloud is the talking software that reads you weather forecasts and conditions aloud from over 7500 locations worldwide. It's like having a personal weatherman at your service. You can build a personal list of forecasts that interest you, customize each one to meet your needs, and program WeatherAloud to get automatic weather updates from around the world.

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  Weather1   Weather1 is rated 4 by AgentLand
This cool program sits in your system tray and allows you to select your city for current weather statistics, forecasts, satellite images, radar images, and much more. It will automatically update within four hours for the unregistered version and half an hour for the registered version.

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  EarthBrowser   EarthBrowser is rated 5 by AgentLand
EarthBrowser is constantly monitoring conditions around the globe. It will keep you informed on the latest weather forecasts, earthquakes, volcanoes and webcams from all over the world. It also becomes a screen saver when your computer is idle.

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  Froggy   Froggy is rated 4 by AgentLand
Froggy is a very cute and clever weatherfrog. It is able to forecast the weather for every day and for over 700 cities world-wide.

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  Son of Weather Grok   Son of Weather Grok is rated 4 by AgentLand
Son of Weather Grok is a simple application used to grab the latest weather conditions from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. It provides a simple, easy to use interface to the information on local weather. Son of Weather Grok can get this data at specified time intervals or whenever you wish.

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  Climate Prediction  
The experiment has been developed to allow a state-of-the-art climate prediction model to be run on home/ school/ work computers. By getting data from thousands of climate models, we will generate the world's largest climate prediction experiment.

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