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  Headline Viewer   Headline Viewer is rated 4 by AgentLand
Headline Viewer allows you to display news headlines from a customizable list of headline providers. Headline Viewer lets you display news headlines from over 1200 sources, and can be used as a browser accessory to quickly navigate between sites.

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  MSNBC personal update   MSNBC personal update is rated 3 by AgentLand
Microsoft Outlook 2000 and MSNBC News have partnered to bring the news to you directly by e.mail, stock quotes, sports scores, weather reports etc. You choose what news you want and you can change those choices at any time.

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  Newsline   Newsline is rated 5 by AgentLand
Newsline is a news service from BBC Online to bring news to your desktop. The news will be automatically update throughout the day. Clicking on a news or sports headline will open the full story in your default browser.

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WebClipping is a comprehensive clipping service that monitors when you, your product, or your service appears anywhere on the Internet or World Wide Web. When you first subscribe to WebClipping they will perform a comprehensive base run. This will gather what is currently said about your product or brand anywhere on the World Wide Web or in any of the thousands of Usenet discussion groups.

CyberAlert is an online business intelligence and knowledge management system to monitor the Internet -- seeking out, "clipping", and managing information put on the Internet about your company and its products by others. Designed for multiple users within large organizations, the CyberAlert Internet monitoring service delivers daily alerts of all new "clips".

 My Excite Channel  
You can choose news from thousands of companies and industries, sports teams, and additional sports leagues. Excite is working on obtaining additional news feeds for Weather, Health, Technology and Entertainment. The news will be updated within seconds of it being received.

InfoBeat delivers personalized news straight to your e-mail box. InfoBeat subscribers have access to custom messages in the areas of news, weather, sports, stocks, entertainment, reminders, classifieds and ski reports.

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