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Iping offers wake-up calls, reminder calls and notifications to devices like telephone, cell phone, pager, email etc. You can sign up for a variety of services. Mr.Wakeup delivers news, weather, horoscopes or personal messages, Dr.Dose will ping you at the right time with a reminder of what medication to take etc.

The Price-Guide is your guide to finding the best prices on thousands of computer hardware and software products, as well as Hi-Fi equipment, Digital cameras, DVD players and movies. You can register to receive price alerts by e.mail on the products you are looking for.

 Digimind Monitor  
Digimind Monitor is an automated service for monitoring web pages. Users are alerted by e-mail, Intranet or Intranet as soon as a monitored page is modified. Users can configure the monitoring system using 7 rules of modification. The service allows you to receive monthly statistics of modifications and to archive all the page versions.

 Yahoo! Alerts  
If you want to be the first to know about news, sports results or stock prices, Yahoo! Alerts is for you. Customize the content of your alerts, their frequency and delivery mode – you can receive alerts by e-mail, on your mobile device or even via Yahoo! Messenger. Alerts can also be set for many of the services offered by Yahoo! such as auctions, personal ads, jobs etc. The easiest way to keep on top of the different elements of everyday life!

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