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  WebHunt Pro   WebHunt Pro is rated 4 by AgentLand
WebHunt allows you to search and browse multiple sites at the same time. Web sites are opened on tabs which allow the user to easily switch between open sites.The number of sites that can be opened is limited only by system memory. WebHunt allows you to open groups of sites with a single click; automatically close pop-up windows; turn the loading of images, sounds, videos, animations,JavaScript and ActiveX on and off. WebHunt supports multiple search engines, automatic HTML form completion based on information you specify, and more.

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Quickbrowse brings metabrowsing to the web. Quickbrowse is all about saving you time by combining content that matters to you inside a Collection Page for much faster viewing. There are several Quickbrowse applications that let you do this in different ways: myQuickbrowse, qbNewsstand, qbSearch and qbSelections.

OnePage simplifies the collection and dissemination of web-based data by enabling businesses to aggregate content faster, easier and at less cost than ever before. OnePage products solve a fundamental problem for businesses and individuals: transform the ever-growing amount of disparate data into manageable and useful information.

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