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  Advanced MP3 search   Advanced MP3 search is rated 4 by AgentLand
Advanced MP3 Search helps you find and retrieve MP3 and WAV files on the World Wide Web. Simply type in a search term, such as a song title or an artist name, and Advanced MP3 Search will search more than 16 major MP3 search engines and produce a list of relevant files for you. Once the links have been verified, you can easily download a selection with the click of a button.

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  iMesh   iMesh is rated 4 by AgentLand
The assumption behind iMesh is simple: somewhere out there, among the millions of Internet users, there is someone that has what you are looking for. iMesh makes it easy for you to find that someone and get the file you are looking for.

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SeekMp3 is an MP3 Meta Search engine that gives you the opportunity to either search for MP3s on HTTP or FTP servers.

 MP3 Search  
MP3 Search of RaveIndex search for MP3s on 14 of the most popular MP3 search engines.

MusicSeek is an MP3 metasearch that enables you to find MP3 files you want to listen. You can Also search for VQF, AAC and RA formats.

Just enter an artist or song name, and MP3index simultaneously queries the top MP3 search engines.

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