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Job-Search-Engine is an infomediary web site dedicated to employment. It searches the top USA and Canadian job boards simultaneously and in real time. Job Search Engine will bring back a composite result of how many employment openings match your query. Job-Search-Engine will concentrate and enhance online recruiting by vertically focusing its meta search engine on high tech online career opportunities.  
Wanted Jobs is an innovative career management tool that simultaneously queries the employment sites on the Web and gives job hunters access to over two million jobs throughout North America.  
FindJobs.Com uses a Job Search Robot to retrieve job listings from more than 40 of the top employment sites, all in one big search. There is also the option of letting the robot search while you are off-line although this is only for registered users.

CareerBuilder provides job seekers with the ability to access more than 3 million career postings - practically every job on the Internet - as well as insightful career advice.

Wantedjobs is your gateway to the millions of opportunities that abound in today's online job market. It uses 250 specialized websites.

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