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With Glowport, you can choose from a list of 13 search engines and directories to search. You can search for some or all the keywords, or the exact phrase, as well as setting the number of results to return per engine.

Internav offers a metasearch on a large number of search engines and directories.

Ithaki is available in 14 languages and armed with more than 30 categories (Linux, news & web for each country, MP3, images etc). You can choose to search either web directories or web crawlers, Ithaki automatically selects the most appropriate tools for each category and country. You can search for all the words or as a phrase, and use Boolean operators (as long as the original search engine use them, of course).Ithaki orders the results by relevance of keywords and removes the duplicates. You can set the amount or results by page, and e-mail them to a friend. There are also WAP and I-mode versions of Ithaki.

Metahoo is a web portal dedicated to simplifying the search process. It has a metasearch engine which presents results by relevance and source. You can search in a number in different categories: the Web, news, MP3, jobs, auctions and forums.

Multimeta sends your search query to a number of different motors and directories. You can search for all or some of the words, or the entire phrase. Results can be displayed in a summary list or by the source form which they came. The first results in the list come from GoTo and 7search.

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