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Porte-Oceane allows you to search 3 meta search engines, French-language search engines such as Yahoo, Nomade, Hotbot and more, WWW search engines (Altavista, Lycos, Excite etc) and search engines for downloads (, Alberts Ambry and more). Answers from the selected search engines are listed in separate windows.

 Swiss InterWeb Search  
Swiss InterWeb Search lets you select up to 9 search engines (WWW search engines, French-language search engines and more). Each selected search engine opens a new browser window.

MetaGopher provides a simple tool that enabled web surfers to search for information efficiently and accurately. Use MetaGopher to search Yahoo!, Google, Sprinks,, Hotbot, Go Network, Webcrawler, and Altavista all at the same time.

Supramoteur allows you to navigate very quickly on the web, and can be used by companies or individuals to monitor information from the web. With Supramoteur you can monitor your search engine's position, search several search engines at once and save the searchs for later use.

SurfWax helps you get the best grip on the most relevant search results. SurfWax's patent-pending design is the first to make searching a "visual process", seamlessly integrating meaning-based search with key knowledge-finding elements for effective association and recall.

7MetaSearch searches all top-rated search engines simultaneously. It rewards all web sites appearing in the top 10 positions of each search engine with Top 10 awards and places the sites with the most awards on the top of the return lists.

 CNET Search  
CNET Search sends your search queries to several search engines at one time and integrates the results into one list. CNET Search searches once for results from over 700 search engines, Web directories, auctions, storefronts, news sources, discussion groups, reference sites, and more. In addition, CNET Search's metasearch channels give you the power to get specialized results from dozens of search engines dedicated to popular topics, like music or travel.

Lapoo searches 12 search engines and directories simultaneously. You can choose to search for any word, all words or as a phrase.

MyProwler offers metasearching on the Web or in one of some 20 categories (Usenet, Government Databases, Kids etc). You can formulate your query in natural language or using advanced search syntax. Within a category you can select which of the information sources you wish to use as well as being able to set the language and the number of results you want to see per page. MyProwler also maintains its own database of sites.

 Better Brain  
Better Brain offers eleven search engines and directories for metasearching. You can choose which tools you wish to use. Results are grouped by the engine they come from.

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