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 Comet Search  
Comet Search allows users to simultaneously search multiple search engines, web directories and news databases. Try Comet Search, then embed it in your portal or website and make your site an authority in its field.

Dogpile is a metasearch service that blends websearch and directory sevices into one. It also provides the user with the ability to search several other databases such as stock quotes, usenet articles, weather forecasts and yellow pages.

 Beaucoup Search Engines  
Beaucoup allows you to search with more than 2,000 search engines, indices and directories organized into categories: Geographical; Software; Computers; Music; Employment; Reference & Education; Family, Pets and Hobbies; Health; etc.

This search engine combines some of the Web's top search engines including: GoTo, Webcrawler and AlltheWeb. Type in a word and the combined search runs automatically from the site -no need to download!

Metasearch engine which may be navigated by directory and index. Other services include software search, people finder and referencing. Engines used include Excite, Yahoo, Altavista and Snap.

 Ms. Da Channi  
Korean Metasearch agent with the option to search in both English and Korean. Results are merged and ranked. Engines used include AltaVista, Excite, InfoSeek and Lycos.

Being a Metasearch engine is just one of the advantages of Searchalot. Detailed headline news stories and news categories including business, technology, and sports are updated daily. Stay on top of current events, news in your local area, or your favorite sports team with comprehensive news coverage from Searchalot.

Chubba searches AltaVista, Kanoodle, Infoseek, and Lycos all from a single search query. The search can be conducted specifically through the Web, Usenet,a dictionary and an encyclopedia. Weather reports can also be given.

Yahoo, Excite, WebCrawler, AllTheWeb, GoTo, FindWhat, Kanoodle & 7Search are searched simultaneously. You can also do a metasearch for MP3s, FTP files, auctions...

Search engine which uses AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Yahoo, Magellan, Fast, Thunderstone; Looksmart, Webcrawler and Snap. You can limit results by language. Ranks the results listing the engines which found them. 12 languages listed.

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