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 Debriefing meta search engine  
Debriefing's meta search engine uses: AltaVista, Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite, Webcrawler, Lycos, Hotbot. In the French version, it uses Yahoo France, PagesWeb, Infoseek France, Excite France and Lokace. It forwards the queries simultaneously to these search services, collects the results, and ranks them. It removes duplicates and lists the most frequently recurring domain name for the search in question.

 [FR]Bonjour Plus  
Choose up to 90 search engines. Each selected search engine opens a new browser window. There are separate pages for English, Spanish, French and Portugese searches if you want to focus on one of these languages.

This intelligent metasearcher, uses fifteen French and English search engines (Yahoo, Google, Excite, Nomade...) and displays the results on a thematic map. It allows the user to do searches in natural language, to send the results to a friend, etc.

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