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  DioMorfo   DioMorfo is rated 5 by AgentLand
DioMorfo XL1 invests a clever knowledge management solution with an extraordinary natural language search ability, allowing you to perform contextual searches of virtually every document accessible from your PC, including Web sites. DioMorfo XL1 is monolingual (English, French or Spanish).

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  AnswerChase PROve   AnswerChase PROve is rated 4 by AgentLand
Answerchase is an artificial intelligence application that uses natural language processing to find answers to questions that you ask in plain English. It retrieves original paragraphs and their links, and ranks them by probability, in order to help you get truly relevant answers to your question.

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 Ask Jeeves  
Ask Jeeves is a question-answering system allowing anyone to ask a question in plain, simple English without having to use keywords or Boolean search strings. Jeeves provides a concise list of answers with their exact location instead of an exhaustive list of matches.

Albert's mission is to improve communication between users and information systems such as Internet/Intranet. Albert's technology is a user-friendly, natural-language interface that makes it easier and more intuitive for Internet/Intranet users to find the desired information, products and services.

Subjex is an Artificial Intelligence dialogue based search engine. Subjex conducts dialogue with users to dynamically refine searches with normal human-like conversation making it the “next generation” search engine portal. Instead of a user being bombarded with potentially millions of results, Subjex talks with a user (through text) long enough to be able to accurately give only 1 to 3 results.

LexiGuide is natural language search engine that translates "plain-language" questions into a form easily understood by traditional search engines. This powerful capability can be refined with add-on modules, featuring comprehensive industry-specific dictionaries of terminology and proper names. LexiGuide is available in English, French, and Spanish.

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