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 Cooperating Mobile Agents for Mapping Networks  
By Nelson Minar, Kwindla Hultman Kramer and Pattie Maes,2/6/98, MIT Media Lab
This paper describes a strategy for mapping a network using a collection of cooperating mobile agents.

 Mobile Object Systems: Towards the Programmable Internet  
By Jan Vitek and Christian Tschudin, 4/97
This book presents a collection of papers dealing with different aspects of mobile computations.

 A Hands-On Look at Java Mobile Agents  
By Joseph Kiniry and Daniel Zimmerman, Internet Computing: Abstract, 8/97
Everyone claims that mobile agent technologies are going to change the way we live and work, and everyone wants to be the company that provides the breakthrough system that we will all end up using.

 Mobile agents  
By Tim Finin, 12/17/1998, UMBC
AgentWeb is maintained at the UMBC Lab for Advanced Information Technology by Tim Finin and offers information and resources about mobile agents in particular.

 Under the Hood: The architecture of aglets  
By Bill Venners, 04/1997, Java World Magazine
This article takes a look at aglets, a mobile-agent technology built on top of Java.

 Solve real problems with aglets, a type of mobile agent  
By Bill Venners, Java World Magazine, 05/1997
Part 2 of this series explains the significance of mobile agents, such as aglets -- IBM Japan's Java-based, autonomous software agent technology

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