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 CIG Searchbots  
By Tom Wagner, Multi-Agent Systems Laboratory
The CIG Searchbots are a very simple example of cooperative information gathering, which is a multi-agent approach to information retrieval.

 Collaborative Interface Agents  
By Yezdi Lashkari, Max Metral and Pattie Maes,10/98
Collaboration between agents assisting different users can alleviate problems with the learning approach. The authors present a framework for multi-agent collaboration and discuss results of a working prototype, based on learning agents for electronic mail.

 Cooperating Mobile Agents for Mapping Networks  
By Nelson Minar, Kwindla Hultman Kramer and Pattie Maes,2/6/98, MIT Media Lab
This paper describes a strategy for mapping a network using a collection of cooperating mobile agents.

 COLLAGEN: When Agents Collaborate with People  
MERL's team (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories) has implemented a prototype collaboration manager, called Collagen, and used it to build a collaborative interface agent for a simple air travel application.

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