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 Natural Intelligence for Autonomous Agents  
By Christian Balkenius, 1993, Lund University
The paper presents a general architecture for behaviour based control systems for autonomous agents. A number of architectural principles are proposed which make it possible to combine reactive control with learning and problem solving in a coherent way.

MAGMA, 07/03/2000
The MAGMA group (modelling autonomous agents in a multi-agent world) studies multi-agent systems and distributed problem solving. It combines theoretical study with the development of tools and applications. Mobile agents are software programs written in a neutral and portable object-oriented or script languages that may be dispatched from a client computer and transported to a remote server computer for execution.

 Is it an Agent, or just a Program?: A Taxonomy for Autonomous Agents  
By Stan Franklin and Art Graesser, Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages, 1996
The advent of software agents gave rise to much discussion of just what such an agent is and of how they differ from programs in general. Here the paper proposes a formal definition of an autonomous agent which clearly distinguishes a software agent from just any program.

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