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 Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet  
By Björn Hermans, First Monday, 1997
Software agents are a rapidly developing area of research of information. But, what is a software agent ? What can it do or not do ? The first part of this article provides an overview, and many other agent-related theoretical and practical aspects. The second part presents all about trends and developments.

By Lynellen D.S. Perry, ACM Crossroads, 1996
The capability of displaying emotion seems to be a critical component of creating intelligent agents with whom humans can comfortably relate and communicate. The emotional aspect distinguishes a dead machine from an agent who is believable, alive, and trustworthy. But it will be difficult to model human emotions accurately since there exists such a broad range with fine nuances of meaning. In addition, if we are able to model emotions, there are several practical and ethical questions that arise.

 Intelligence augmentation : A Talk With Pattie Maes  
Introduction by John Brockman, The Third Culture, 01/20/1998
Pattie Maes came to the United States to work with Marvin Minsky and Rodney Brooks at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. She had received her Ph.D. in AI at the University of Brussels, and was attracted by Marvin and Rod's more alternative view on artificial intelligence, and artificial life.

 Software Agents: An Overview  
By Hyacinth S. Nwana, BT Laboratories, 9/96
This overview paper presents a typology of agents. It places agents in context, defines them and then goes on to overview critically the rationales, hypotheses, goals, challenges and state-of-the-art demonstrators of the various agent types in the typology.

 Software Agents: A Review  
By Shaw Green, Leon Hurst, Brenda Nangle, Pádraig Cunningham, Fergal Somers and Richard Evans, 5/27/97
The main goal of this review is to report on research in the rapidly evolving area of software agents and to highlight the applicability of this technology.

 Les outils de recherche d'Internet  
This page presents the different existing tools for information retrieval on the Internet and makes introduction to intelligent agents. Their functionalities are detailed and examples are given: The Informant, EntryPoint, My Newspage.

 Les agents intelligents

 Recherche d'Information sur Internet

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