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 An introduction to agents  pop
By Todd Sundsted, Java World, 6/1998
Find out what agents are and what they can do for us and take the first steps toward building your own simple agent architecture in Java.

 Agents on the move  
By Todd Sundsted, Java World, 07/1998
In this article, Todd Sundsted shows why and how to mobilize agents.

 Agents talking to agents  
By Todd Sundsted, Java World, 09/1998
In this article, find out how to add agent communication to the agent architecture you've been developing.

 Agents can think, too!  
By Todd Sundsted, Java World, 10/1998
The columnist explains how to increase your agent's IQ to make it more robust, reliable and useful.

 Agents: Not just for Bond anymore  
By Bret Sommers, Java World, 04/1997
This article defines agents and provides a tutorial on how to create them in Java using IBM's Aglet Workbench.

 Competing for the Future with Intelligent Agents  
By Pete Fingar and Faramarz Farhoodi, Distributed Object Computing,"DOC" Magazine, 10/1997 and 11/1997
In this two-part article, the authors explore the what and why of the advanced technology of intelligent agents, its business and technical benefits and implications. In part two they explore how to apply the paradigm to business, explore architectures and standards and explain the relationship with object technology in particular the Object Management Group's Object Management Architecture.

 Agents to roam the Internet  
By George Lawton, SunWorld Online, 10/1996
New developments with agent technology promise to, someday, ease your frustrations by performing intelligent search and retrievals.

 Robots invade the Net!  
By Mike Wooldridge, CNET, 3/16/98
The bots, or robots, are software programs that run all by themselves on the Web, sifting through data and making their own decisions. In many ways, they hold the key to making the Web a more valuable tool

 Intelligent Agent = Stupid Human  
Wired Online, 7/96
Brain Tennis is a new way to debate ideas. Every two weeks the site presents a controversial topic to two opposing experts and lets them battle it out.

 (How) Can Software Agents Become Good Net Citizens?  
By Sabine Helmers, Ute Hoffmann and Jillian Stamos-Kaschke, CMC Magazine, 02/97
The new actors, software agents, bots, spiders, intelligent agents carry out certain jobs, such as searching the WWW arranging meetings or compiling music recommendations, more or less anonymously and act on behalf of a single user or an organization. Because of their communicative role, and because they reside on the Internet, they too can be considered "Netizens".

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