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 [FR] Recherche d'information sur l'Internet  pop
By Jean-Pierre Lardy, RISI, 02/05/2000
An introduction to the tools and techniques which will help you find the information you want on the Internet.

 [FR]Agents et recherche d'information sur Internet  
By Pierre-Alain Le Cheviller, 09/1997
Agents are software packages or computer programs whose objective is to facilitate searching and management of information on the Internet.

 [FR]Sentiers d'Accès et Pistes de Recherche d'Informations Scientifiques et Techniques sur l'Interne  
By Monique Joly and Jean-Michel Mermet, INSA
A method of searching for information, conceived by information professionals.

 Using an Intelligent Agent to Enhance Search Engine Performance  
By James Jansen
This paper explores the increasing quantity of information available and the need for improved search and retrieval engines

 Search Engine Watch  
Search Engine Watch is a web site devoted to webmasters, web marketers and others involved with creating and promoting web sites and also to search engine users, everyone from researchers, librarians and general web surfers who want to know how to find things better using search engines.

 Tutorial: Guide to effective searching of the internet  
By The WebTools Company
This tutorial is for those who are learning the ropes about 'power searching.' But, even if you're quite experienced in these areas, you might find some benefit from glancing through these topics. This tutorial is organized to proceed from the basics to more advanced topics. It has 12 parts containing 48 topics.

 Souped-up search engines  
By Declan Butler, 5/11/2000, Nature
For scientists, finding the information they want on the World-Wide Web is a hit-and-miss affair. But more sophisticated and specialized search technologies are promising to change all that.

 Les agents intelligents  
Ludovic Blin presents multi-agents softwares. Each one has as a specific task, they interact and communicate in order to maintain a certain coherence. He deals with multi-agent technology and its implementation in the electonic documents management.

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