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 An interview with Dr. Livingstone  
By Frank Fiore, About Online Shopping, 1/11/98
Dr. Livingstone has a Ph.D. in Cyberscience and has spent most of his adult life exploring the jungles of cyberspace

 Your Own Personal Software Agent......Licensed to Shop!  
By Frank Fiore, Online Shopping, 14/04/97
The Internet will revolutionize the way you buy things in the future.

 AgentBuilder agent applications  
Reticular Systems, 01/11/2000
Intelligent software agents can be used in a wide variety of applications. Agents are particularly useful in distributed applications involving peer-to-peer processes. Reticular Systems has developed a number of distributed, multi-agent system for a variety of applications.

 EIP: The Second Wave  
By Mark M. Davydov, Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, 03/1/2000
The new generation of enterprise portals meshes with intelligent agents.

 Agents Are Watching  
By Elmar Husmann, Thomas Schmitt and Thomas Schuler, Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, 09/08/2000
E-business process monitoring, as enabled by intelligent agents, may soon eclipse enterprise system management as the guarantor of business process continuity.

 Seek, and Ye Shall Find  
By Justin Kestelyn, Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, 09/08/2000
Search engines and intelligent agents have only just begun to return their full business value.

 Eye on the Competition  
By Dan Sullivan, Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, 9/8/2000
This article gives an answer to the question: "Why text mining is the key enabler of automated competitive intelligence ?"

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