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 Aggregators' Retail Model Threatened By Shopbots  
By Mo Krochmal, TechWeb, 5/8/98
Shopbots could wreck the trader-consumer relationship. Shopbots allow consumers to quickly find the best prices for comparable goods and services, rendering carefully planned online shopping areas irrelevant. Consumers could program their bots to find prices and other information to make a purchase, instead of browsing virtual retailers' online racks and shelves.

 Shopping robots hunt for the best bargains  
By Margaret Kane, ZDNN, 5/18/98
Shopping robots work by surveying stores' Web sites and reporting back on the information they've gathered.

 Shopbots: Shopping Robots for Electronic Commerce  
By Peter Jacso, Online, 7/98
Many large online bookstores offer more sophisticated browsing and searching facilities than the online public access catalogs of libraries

 Agent-Based Market Space  
The vision is to enable automation of electronic commerce, focused on the interaction in a market (like searching, negotiation, deal settlement) using agents. Each participant in the market can have an agent that automates the interactions partially or fully.

 Services, agents and electronic markets  
By M. Merz, K. Müller-Jones, W. Lamersdorf, ICDP96, 27/2-1/3/1996
The paper shows how the Common Open Service Market infrastructure can be extended by Agent-oriented programming concepts in order to provide an adequate open systems platform to support highly flexible service offer and access.

 Price-War Dynamics in a Free-Market Economy of Software Agents  
By Jeffrey O. Kephart, James E. Hanson and Jakka Sairamesh, Proceedings of ALIFE IV, 06/26-29/1998
Price-war dynamics in a free-market economy of software agents is the title of a paper which explores the scenario that in the future, vast numbers of software agents will be providing, trading and using a rich variety of information goods and services in an open, essentially free-market economy.

 At your service ?  
By Kurt Indermaur, DBMS, 09/98
A state of the industry report on electronic agents for e-commerce.

 The Challenges of Electronic Commerce  
By Donna Hoffman and Thomas Novak, HotWired: Intelligent Agent, 1995
One estimate (Verity and Hof, 1994) puts marketing through conventional channels at four times more expensive than marketing over the Internet.

 AgentBuilder Agents For Electronic Commerce  
Reticular Systems, 04/27/1999
This application note describes a simple Electronic Commerce application built using AgentBuilder, an integrated toolkit that enables you to create intelligent agents.

 A CEO's Guide to eCommerce...  
By Peter Fingar, 6/98
Fingar discusses the new electronic commerce and the intelligent agents that will make it possible and what CEO's need to be doing and thinking now to prepare themselves and their companies.

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