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 OOPSLA 2000: Experiences with Autonomous Mobile Objects and Agent-based Systems  
10/15/2000, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The objective of this workshop was to bring together active and leading researchers working in the area of autonomous mobile objects and agent systems to share their experiences and define the important research directions in this field.

 Pervasive Computing: The Next Generation Computing Environment  
10/16/2000, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
This workshop addressed challenges facing Pervasive Computing including: Application models and development environment, Management and administration of software components deployed on a large number of heterogeneous devices, Supporting dramatically different user interface paradigms, Adaptability and learning, ...

 OntoLex'2000: Workshop on Ontologies and Lexical Knowledge Bases  
9/8-10/2000, Sozopol, Bulgaria
The workshop aimed to bring together researchers interested in the dependencies between formal ontologies and lexical semantics in general, and more specifically in the construction of lexical knowledge bases.

 KBEM'00: Knowledge-based Electronic Markets  
7/31/2000, Austin TX, USA
The AAAI-2000 Workshop on Knowledge-based Electronic Markets addressed the challenges, opportunities, and practical applications of knowledge-based electronic markets (emarkets).

 RoboCup 2000  
8/26-9/3/2000, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Australia
RoboCup is an international initiative to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem, a soccer game, where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined.

 PRIMA 2000  
08/28-29/2000, Melbourne Convention Centre, Australia
PRIMA is a series of workshops on autonomous agents and multiagent systems, integrating the activities in Asia and Pacific rim countries.

 PRIMA 2001: Fourth Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-agents  
07/28-29/2001, Taipei
PRIMA is a series of workshops on autonomous agents and multiagent systems, integrating the activities in Asia and Pacific rim countries.

 AGENTS-00/ECML-00 Joint Workshop on Learning Agents  
06/03/2000, Barcelona, Spain
The goal of this workshop was to focus on research that addresses unique requirements for agents learning and adapting to their environment. Recognizing the applicability and limitations of current machine learning research when applied to situated agents was of particular relevance to this workshop.

 AOSE-2000: First International Workshop on Agent-Oriented Software Engineering  
06/10/2000, Limerick, Ireland
This workshop for ICSE2000 sought to examine the credentials of agent-based approaches as a software engineering paradigm, and to gain an insight into what agent-oriented software engineering will look like.

 CIA-2000: Workshop CIA-2000 on cooperative information agents  
07/07-09/2000, Boston, USA
Like in the previous Cooperative Information Agents workshops, all hot topics in the research area of intelligent and collaborating information agents were covered by the CIA-2000 workshop.

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