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 ATAL-2000: The Seventh International Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages  
7/7-9/2000, Boston, USA
The ATAL workshop series aimed to bring together researchers interested in the agent-level, micro aspects of agent technology. Specifically, ATAL-2000 addressed issues such as theories of rational agency, software architectures for intelligent agents, methodologies and programming languages for realising agents, and software tools for applying and evaluating agent systems.

 ESAW'00: First International Workshop on Engineering Societies in the Agents' World  
08/21/2000, Berlin, Germany
The workshop was devoted to discussing technologies, methodologies and models for the engineering of complex applications based on multiagent systems (MAS), by bringing together researchers and contributions from both within and outside the DAI field from the Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Social Sciences, and so on, so as to promote cross-fertilisation.

 ECAI 2000 Workshop on Balancing Reactivity and Social Deliberation in Multi-Agent Systems  
8/22/2000, Berlin, Germany
This workshop focused on theoretical, technical and practical work on balancing between these two extremes in the context of collaborative work in multi-agent systems. Contributions from Artificial Intelligence as well as Robotics were welcome.

 ECAI 2000 Workshop on Agent Technologies and Their Application Scenarios in Logistics  
08/20-25/2000, Berlin, Germany
The workshop "Agent Technologies and Their Application Scenarios" was a one-day event that was held at the occasion of ECAI-2000 in Berlin, Germany. This workshop aimed to narrow the gap between fundamental agent research and application of intelligent agents in logistics.

 Workshop on Applications of Ontologies and Problem-Solving Methods  
8/20-25/2000, Berlin, Germany
Ontologies and Problem-Solving Methods (PSMs) are widely used instruments for knowledge sharing and reuse. The aim of this workshop was to promote a deep understanding of how ontologies and PSMs may be used in real applications, and how they should cooperate.

 ECAI 2000: Workshop on Modelling Artificial Societies and Hybrid Organizations  
8/22/2000, Berlin, Germany
This workshop aimed to present first results in the very new field of Socionics, which is concerned with the structure and behaviour of hybrid and artificial agent societies. It brought together both researchers in DAI (and related fields) and Sociology.

09/06-08/2000, Greenwich, London, UK
The purpose of this workshop was to promote discussion and interaction among members of the Information Systems community; in particular among those members with research interests in logical and uncertainty models for the treatment of semi-structured and unstructured information; it was particularly interested in experiences dealing with unstructured or poorly structured information.

 HoloMAS'2000: First International Workshop on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent  
09/06-08/2000, Greenwich, London, UK
The workshop aimed to bring together researchers active in the area of holonic and multi-agent systems together with key engineers and industrial decision makers to share their views and experience in research, design, development and applying holonic and Multi-Agent Systems for industrial problems.

 WASA-2000: First International Workshop on Web Agent Systems and Applications  
09/06-08/2000, Greenwich, London, UK
Currently, there is lot of interest and work in the area of developing agent systems and applications that make use of web technology. The aim of the conference was to bring together the Web technologists and Agent technologists to address common issues, such as support and monitoring of agents in WWW.

 FMEC 2000: Workshop in Formal Modeling in Electronic Commerce  
5/11-12/2000, Philadelphia
Presentations discussed fundamental issues in the formalization--and automation--of electronic commerce. It is largely through such automation that electronic commerce promises to be a "lever of riches" worldwide

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