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 The First International Workshop of Central and Eastern Europe on Multi-agent Systems  
6/4/99, St. Petersburg, Russia
This workshop aimed at bringing together researches and developers from academia, industry and governmental organizations to promote a better understanding of recent achievements and to exchange new ideas in MAS and artificial intelligence theory.'99.htm

 IJCAI99 Workshop: Machine Learning for Information Filtering  
08/01/99, Stockholm, Sweden
The goal of this workshop was to bring together researchers working on information filtering from many subfields of AI, while emphasizing the machine learning techniques and algorithms many of these subfields share.

 First International Workshop on Databases and Multi-Agent Systems  
09/03/99, Florence, Italy
The workshop was concerned with a broad range of issues relating to the interface and integration of agent-based systems and database systems. Topics of interest included: agent architectures for database systems communication languages, agent theories for application to databases, agent-oriented modelling, engineering agent-oriented database systems ontologies.

 DEXA 99 Workshop on Software Agents  
The main aim of this workshop was to bring together, top researchers in a variety of diverse areas of computer science, ranging from AI, networks, databases and programming languages, to discuss how agent infrastructures needed to support interactions between gigantic numbers of agents.

 AOIS'99 CfP  
5/1/99, Seattle and 6/14-15/99, Heidelberg, Germany
Agent-Orientation is emerging as a potentially powerful new paradigm in computing. Yet its role in information systems and information systems development is only beginning to be investigated. This bi-conference workshop aimed to bring together researchers and practitioners from the Information Systems and agents communities who will be shaping the future of information systems engineering.

 Third International Workshop CIA-99  
Submission of papers that report on work within these special themes was especially encouraged: Information Agents in Uncertain Environments, Mobile Information Agents and Advanced Human-Agent Interaction and Virtual Information Spaces.

 CHI '99 Workshop: Interacting with Recommender Systems  
5/15-16/99, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The field of recommender systems (or collaborative filtering) attempts to automate the decision process, e.g., by supporting people in making recommendations. Within the workshop the following problems were discussed: when are recommender systems appropriate, for which domains, which types of decisions and which communities of users, etc. ?

 IJCAI-99: Workshop on Agent Communication Languages  
08/01/99, Stockholm, Sweden
The main theme of this first international workshop on agent communication languages was: "Semantics and pragmatics of Agent Communication Languages: From Speech Acts to Conversations"

 Workshop on Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems  
8/14-16/2000, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland
The goal of this workshop was to discuss the challenges pertaining to intelligent system performance: How to measure performance, how to evaluate intelligence,and how to put performance and intelligence into correspondence.

 First Goddard Workshop on Formal Approaches to Agent-Based Systems  
4/6-7/2000, Greenbelt, USA
The workshop aims to bring together practitioners and academics with an interest in formal specification techniques, intelligent agent-based systems, and the intersection of these areas.

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