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 AgentNews Webletter and Email Service  
AgentNews is an electronic newsletter published at the UMBC Lab for Advanced Information Technology and is edited by Tim Finin. AgentNews is one way to track what is happening with agent-based ideas, technologies and applications as well as related topics such as knowledge sharing, intelligent information systems and information retrieval.

 AgentLink Newsletter  
The aim of the AgentLink newsletter is to provide a relatively informal way of communicating both what's happening in AgentLink, but also what's happening in the agent world generally. In addition to containing the worthy-but-dull details of what's happening in the network , articles including features, reports on conferences and workshops, news software, book reviews, and so on.

 Magma: the Virtual Blackboard  
In conjunction with the European Workshops on "Modeling an Autonomous Agent in a Multi-Agent World", it has been decided to create a blackboard (The MAAMAW blackboard) dedicated to the field of Multi-Agent Systems, including multi-agents paradigms, their development, their application and their evaluation. newsletters - Web Search  
Stay in touch with news and views from Web Search at Subscribe to receive the newsletter for this Site.

 The Search Engine Report  
The Search Engine Report is a monthly newsletter about search engines and changes to Search Engine Watch.'s BotSpot  
You will find on BotSpot, the site devoted to agents, a newsletter to receive Bot updates. newsletters  
Sign up for the newsletters on a range of Internet-based topics to receive updates delivered to your email box.

 CI-CW: Computists' Weekly newsletter  
CI-CW is the Computists' Weekly newsletter for artificial intelligence researchers, programmers, and students. It covers industry news and career resources (rather than technical subjects), plus selected grant opportunities, calls for papers, quotations, and interesting links.

 Intelligent Systems Report (ISR)  
Intelligent Systems Report (ISR) is a monthly newsletter featuring news and applications of such intelligent technologies as artificial intelligence, expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic systems, virtual reality, interactive multimedia and speech recognition

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