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CI-Talk is an unmoderated discussion list for members of Computists International. It is a low-volume, high-quality forum for announcements, requests, discussions, and occasional clippings, essays, and humor items. This list is for members of Computists International, a professional association since 1991.

CI-FreeTalk is an open discussion of artificial intelligence and AI career topics. It may also be used for announcements of interest to AI researchers and students. Most discussions will be non-technical, but participants are likely to have expertise in AI, neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, agents, data mining, logic programming, robotics, and related topics.

 Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity By 2100?  
By 2100 computers may display traits and prove to have an intelligence that we usually only associate with humans. Organized and moderated by Doug Hofstadter.

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